About Us

B.J’s Bikes and Bits trading as British Motorcycle Specialists is a small family run company that was started by “Bernie and John” in about 1976.

The current Managing Director Christopher Ray has been with the Company since 1978; starting out with Bernie and John as a Trainee Mechanic.

We are one of the last of the old style British Motorcycle Shops, open to the public 6 days a week.

Most of the rest have given up, or gone online only. But I’m not sure how long we can last like this as the expenses and overheads of trading in this fashion are crippling, and our profitability declining every year.

You will either talk to Chris or Jill . Don’t hesitate to place your orders with Jill, although she has only been with us for 4 years, she has an excellent comprehension of our spare parts inventory with an almost photographic memory for part numbers. If you give her the right information, particularly make and Model, she will get it right. If you have a mixed up customised hybrid machine, please tell us as much as you can about it – or you will get the wrong parts!

For technical advice Chris is your best bet!

Kym does our accounts on Fridays only, rest of the week ask for Chris.

Tommy Newell does our service work and occasionally you will get James on the phone, who helps out with cleaning etc. He sounds like me sometimes, because he is my son.