How to Shop

We are a little old fashioned and still offer a shop front service, so you can come in, inspect and feel the goods and be served across the counter.

Opening Hours

Hours are – we do our best to keep them!

9:00AM to 5PM Monday to Friday

9:00AM to 12 noon on Saturday

How to Purchase


We don’t have all our inventory listed on this website, as well as the current stock status. So if possible, give us a call or email us to check if we have something you need. Our current listings do not have accurate weight measurements and thus the calculated shipping will likely be off! Therefore it’s important to follow the following steps to ensure you don’t pay too much or too little for shipping!

  1. Go on as usual and make your order online
  2. Once the order is submitted you’ll be sent a confirmation email and a shipping estimate
  3. DO NOT TRANSFER PAYMENT until we’ve approved the order with the correct shipping cost
  4. Once you’ve received the updated order total, you can proceed with transferring the correct total or choosing to cancel the order.
  5. We will confirm, process, and ship and send tracking details once the payment has been made.

Give us a call/email if you feel like we might have missed your order/payment!

In Person/Over the Phone

It can get busy sometimes and we may have trouble answering the phone as we’re serving customers in the shop, packing goods, offering technical advice etc , so keep trying! We’ll do our best to get back to you if we can’t answer the phone immediately. You can also email us with enquiries or send us a message on Facebook, we try and read and reply as soon as possible with those channels.

For out of town customers who wish to place orders, this is a speciality of ours and we have hundreds of satisfied customers all over the country. We will eventually open the E-commerce module on our web site when we are satisfied that our stock control is accurate. That is the main problem, maintaining accurate up to date stock figures and pricing records on thousands of essentially obsolete motorcycle parts that are a combination of, new old stock, newly manufactured and used.

Until then we are contactable during the above hours by Phone (07 3391 7322 – 2 lines) , Fax (Yes we have one!) and Email.

We will be able to give you accurate service if you provide the correct Make, Model and Part Number. If you don’t have one we can supply spare parts books for most popular British bikes — Triumph, Norton and BSA. Failing that a careful description of the part will usually suffice.

If you ask your wife to ring up for you and don’t give her sufficient or correct information about the part you want ! – you’re asking for trouble! LOL



We currently only provide electronic transfer/bank wire as we’re still setting up our web store front.

In Person/Over the Phone

Payment is preferred by Credit or Debit card. That’s the quickest. Electronic transfer is fine but usually involves at least one days delay in dispatching the goods.

We are not opening any new Credit accounts, you may know the old saying — I have a deal with my bank, they don’t sell motorbikes and I don’t lend money!